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(Yield: 4ppl)

1-1.5 lb beef (fast fry cut, flank steak, eye of round, sirloin), cut into strips or cubes

1 bunch watercress, washed, cut into bite size

2 ripe, Ontario tomatoes, sliced into bite size

1/4 red onion, thinly sliced

2.5C uncooked jasmine rice, cooked

4 sprigs cilantro

2 C Nuoc Cham, Wooden Boat brand (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce)

(recipe for general use Nuoc Cham

50ml fish sauce,

50ml water

50ml vinegar

30ml sugar

2 garlic cloves, chopped

*optional 1 bird eye chili, chopped

1) Cook rice per directions on package

2) Heat saute pan, medium high. Salt beef on both sides, saute in 1 tbsp oil

3) cook 3 min per side, rest for 5 minutes

4) wash, cut watercress. Put onto place, making a well in the centre for beef

5) top with tomato slices, red onions slices, and beef

6) Serve with Nuoc Cham on the side. Making sure you enjoy a little bit of everything in each bite.