Nashat Qahwash, one of three men accused in the murder of Nadia Gehl, testified he went to her memorial service and told her father he was sorry for what happened.

Qahwash, along with Zdenek ‘Dennis' Zvolensky and Gehl's husband Ronald Cyr are each charged with first degree murder in connection with the 2009 shooting.

Earlier this week Qahwash testified that Zvolensky told him he shot Gehl because Cyr had asked him to.

But Wednesday, Zvolensky's lawyer suggested it was Qahwash who pulled the trigger and that he was lying to save his own skin.

On Thursday, Cyr's lawyer questioned Qahwash and suggested he and Zvolensky had discussed how they'd have to stab each other in the back, but Qahwash said that wasn't the case.

The Crown also cross-examined Qahwash on Thursday, and focused on the conversation Qahwash claimed he had with Zvolensky about the murder.

Qahwash told the court the conversation after Zvolensky told him he'd shot Gehl lasted about 20 minutes.

But when asked to describe the entire conversation, which the Crown called one of the most important conversations in his life, his description was brief.

Qahwash sniffled and spoke about the conversation for only a few minutes and finally said he couldn't remember it all.