KITCHENER -- An 88-year-old man with dementia went missing from a nursing home in Guelph on Tuesday morning, but police say he was found thanks to Project Lifesaver.

People who are part of the program wear a battery-operated bracelet that sends out an FM radio signal around the clock.

That way, trained officers can use the equipment to help find the missing person.

In this case, the Guelph Police Service says that the man went missing at around 6:15 a.m. from the nursing home near Gordon Street and Clairfields Drive West.

Police say that a number of officers were sent to the area, where they used the Project Lifesaver equipment.

By 6:50 a.m., the man was found near the intersection of Gordon Street and Poppy Drive East, nearly a kilometre away.

The man was found unharmed and didn't need any medical attention. He was safely returned to the nursing home.

Officials say that the average time to find someone with the program is about 30 minutes – that's 95 per cent less time than without it.

It also has a 100 per cent find rate.