CALEDONIA -- The missing head of the Egerton Ryerson status has been found a long way from Toronto.

Demonstrators at 1492 Land Back Lane near Caledonia, a small community in Haldimand County, are now in possession of the recently severed head.

Until last weekend, the statue stood on the Ryerson University campus. It was toppled by protestors on Sunday, with the body and detached head last seen being lowered into Lake Ontario.

Ryerson is considered an architect of the residential school system in Canada. The university has been under mounting pressure to change its name.

The demonstrators on Land Back Lane say it's important that people know who Egerton Ryerson was.

"When we're talking about this, we are talking about the architect of a genocide of our people," said demonstrator Skylar Williams. "We are talking about tearing down these structures and these institutions that have named themselves and glorified the genocide of our people for the last 100 to 200 years now."

Williams says he is unsure how the head of the statue got to Land Back Lane, adding he woke up one morning to find it there.