KITCHENER -- Free menstrual products are now available in some public, city-owned washrooms in Kitchener including at City Hall, The Aud as well as several community centres and pools.

“Access to free hygienic products is an issue of menstrual equity,” said Ward 10 Councillor Sarah Marsh in a news release.

The city announced on Tuesday that it would be providing the products as part of a six month pilot project.

“Ensuring that our facilities and programming are accessible means working to overcome all potential barriers facing people who wish to engage with the city’s services and programs,” said Marsh.

Tampons and pads will be available to those who need them, accessible by either coin-free dispensers or stainless steel trays.

“I’m proud to support this pilot project. It will make sure all women can access the products they need,” said Ward 2 Councillor Dave Schnider.

The city estimates the project will cost less than $5,000 to run.

Back in May, the Waterloo Region District School Board became the first to provide free products.

Recently, Cambridge city council has come under criticism over its rejection of a proposal to provide free menstrual products in multiple centres in the city.