Terri-Lynne McClintic appeared via video in a Kitchener courtroom Thursday over an assault charge in connection with an incident while behind bars.

After consulting with her lawyer and deciding she had a case, it was revealed McClintic will be pleading not guilty at trial.

McClintic's lawyer Geoff Snow says "After reviewing the Crown's case and discussing it pretty thoroughly with Ms. McClintic we looked at the strengths and the weaknesses and decided – she decided – that she'd like to have a trial in this matter, which is her right and I support her in that."

The alleged fight happened at Kitchener's Grand Valley Institution for Women where McClintic is serving a life sentence for first degree murder in the death of Tori Stafford.

During the incident in late January, she reportedly kicked and stomped on another female inmate.

The details were first revealed during her testimony at the Michael Rafferty trial in London.

McClintic's next court date is Wednesday, when the trial date will be set.

The outcome of the trial over the assault charge will not affect the life sentence she is currently serving.