Is it possible to travel from Union Station in Toronto to Cambridge nearly an hour quicker than it would take to get from Union Station to Kitchener?

Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig thinks so, and he says he’s working on a proposal that could have GO trains servicing his city by 2016.

“I think reasonably, in the next two to three years, we should be looking at some service,” he tells CTV News.

Craig’s proposal would see trains travel through Milton on their path between Cambridge and downtown Toronto.

He’s already presented the broad strokes to provincial Transportation Minister Glen Murray.

“It was received very well,” he says of the meeting.

“If you can give them something that makes sense, that shows ridership numbers – which we’re hoping to produce for them – we think we can give them a plan that we can move ahead with.”

In a statement to CTV News, Murray says the province is working primarily with Waterloo Region rather than the City of Cambridge.

“We are working in partnership with Chair Seiling and the regional government on transit and transportation enhancements to Waterloo Region,” the statement reads.

“While these are regional responsibilities, we always appreciate the views of local Mayors and encourage them to work with and through their regional governments.”

Craig says the journey to Cambridge would take 50 minutes off the time trains currently travel between Toronto and Kitchener, and would also be attractive to riders in North Dumfries and the south end of Kitchener.

Farhan Naqvi, who travels from Cambridge to Toronto on a weekly basis, says he likes the sound of a train.

“The bus system is very slow. It is not fulfilling our needs,” he says.

“If there’s a train that would have frequent visits, I think it would be a better drive for us.”

David McMurchy says he’s fine travelling to Toronto via Greyhound bus, even if their dropoff locations leave something to be desired.

“Better service is always better, but is (a train) worth it? I don’t know,” he says.

A Metrolinx spokesperson tells CTV News the provincial agency’s priority is enhancing the existing Milton corridor rather than extending service to Cambridge.