In October 2010, a massive Waterloo Regional Police operation ended with 16 arrests and the laying of more than 100 charges.

Cases relating to the Luminati Brotherhood Club have been working through the court system ever since.

Friday, a man who supplied the group with drugs – the second-last person still before the courts – was sentenced to a five-year prison term.

“I can’t help but be skeptical when looking at your record … but one can be hopeful,” Justice Gerald Taylor told Aristotle Panagos, 40.

Panagos – whose criminal record includes 42 prior convictions – was not himself part of the Luminati.

According to court documents, he was an associate of Denton Emonts, the man described as the club’s driving force, and regularly sold drugs to Emonts.

On the day police moved in to arrest Luminati members, Panagos was stopped driving in Kitchener – not long after he had met up with Emonts.

Inside the car, police found a bag containing more than 800 grams of crystal meth, as well as Heroin, cocaine and a digital scale.

Court heard that at the time of the police operation, the construction company Panagos ran was experiencing financial difficulties.

“He turned to drug dealing to support his family,” defence lawyer Kate Oja said.

While sitting in the prisoner’s box Friday, Panagos was animated and emotional – making an angry outburst at the media and Crown attorney during a recess, then making goofy faces at his three-year-old son and attempting to get the boy to come to him.