KITCHENER -- There's been a guilty plea in the shooting death of a Cambridge man in 2018.

Adam De-Gannes pleaded guilty to manslaughter on Thursday in the death of Bradley Pogue.

Pogue was shot to death in a Cambridge parking lot back in November of 2018.

On Thursday, the judge took time prior to the plea to ask De-Gannes several questions, including whether he's making the plea voluntarily.

"By pleading guilty to the offence of manslaughter, you'd be admitting you arranged a robbery with a firearm, of the victim, knowing that a risk of death was objectively foreseeable in all the circumstances," the judge asked.

"So that's what your plea would be admitting to for today's purposes. Do you understand that?"

De-Gannes replied "Yes, I understand."

The judge then reminded De-Gannes he'd be giving up his right to a trial.

De-Gannes pleaded guilty soon after.

All sides agreed that they want sentencing to happen in person in the courts, where they anticipate victim impact statements will be part of the hearing.

The judge noted that Kitchener's courtrooms will open again in July.

The sides agreed to get back together on July 29 to look at a calendar, then again on July 31 to try to set a date for a sentencing hearing, which will likely be sometime in September.