One person has been transported to hospital after his family says he was shot during an incident at 80 Holborn Drive in Kitchener’s Stanley Park area.

Waterloo Region police say a weapons-related incident happened around 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, in the area of Ottawa Street and River Road.

They say the assault is believed to have been a targeted attack, but won’t comment on the type of weapon used.

But the man’s family says their uncle was shot in a hallway after he went to visit a friend in the apartment building.

Cassie Wilson says “Moments later, my uncle’s friend tells me he was shot in the hallway…The police officer said that he wasn’t severely hurt but he was unconscious so they don’t know if he’ll be okay but they’re trying to get the bullet out now.”

Neighbours inside the seven-story apartment building also say they heard shots being fired.

According to police three men were seen running from the scene and the K-9 unit was called in to help track the suspects.

Waterloo Region police spokesperson Olaf Heinzel says “Our K-9 Unit and our Emergency Response team were part of the initial response here, to not only look at any evidence potentially within the building but the surrounding area as well.”

The search for clues in the area of the apartment building is expected to continue until late Thursday.

“We’re still of course speaking to potential witnesses, canvassing the area for any information,” Heinzel says.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police.