KITCHENER -- A man from Tavistock, Ont. has walked away from the game show 'Jeopardy!' with nearly $50,000 as well as a memorable moment with guest host Aaron Rodgers.

Scott Shewfelt, who now lives in California, had already won two games of the popular trivia TV show, but says he knew his time was up on the third.

“At that time in that game I had played myself out of it,” he said. “Too many flubs. I couldn’t win.”

The professional writer took the opportunity in his final jeopardy answer to write up a quick joke: who decided to kick the field goal?

This is in reference to this year’s NFC Championship Game, where Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers decided against going for a touchdown that could have tied the game and instead went for a field goal.

“I put in my wager at $0 when I saw the category and no matter what it was, this is the answer I was going to give,” said Shewfelt. “Honestly it’s the only one I could think of with Aaron Rodgers.”

Since the show aired on Monday, Shewfelt says he can’t escape the viral clip.

“I am seeing myself on TV, I’m not even seeking it out,” he said. “I was in the kitchen and I was on PTI. It’s a little weird, the internet can’t decide if they hate my face or my voice more.”

He adds that the show itself went by like a blur.

“Watching it back on the Friday episode there was a question I was like ‘oh I don’t know that one’, and then I watched myself answer it on TV, it was a blur,” said Shewfelt.

For future contestants, he recommends bringing a winter coat due to how cold the set is.

When it comes to the prize money he won, totalling just shy of $50,000, Shewfelt has an idea or two on how he’s going to spend it.

“You want an exciting answer or do you want me to just say I’m going to invest it to a medium risk portfolio?” he said to CTV News. “Probably take a vacation when things open back up, see the family, have a nice dinner with them.”