Christopher Watts is a free man.

Watts was released from prison on Friday, 12 years after he was sentenced for manslaughter and other offences in connection with the death of Amanda Raymond.

Raymond was 13 years old in July 2001, when she died of an overdose.

She had been at a party at Watts’ home on Puslinch Lake. Court heard that she and other girls were given drugs by Watts.

Raymond’s mother, Teresa Trupp, says she learned of Watts’ impending release last month, via a letter from the Victim Services branch of Corrections Canada.

“It just didn’t seem like he had served a long enough sentence,” she said in an interview.

“It’s just devastating to know that he’s going to be released … knowing that there’s a chance that this guy could reoffend and hurt other young girls.”

Initially, Trupp was concerned that Watts would return to Waterloo Region or the Puslinch area.

That changed Friday, when Vancouver Police issued an alert saying Watts was now living in that city.

Watts has been classified as a high-risk sex offender. Vancouver Police have deemed the 55-year-old a high risk to reoffend.

“He has shown a pattern of activity that includes giving large quantity of drugs to young girls,” Const. Brian Montague told a media briefing.

“Memorize what he looks like … and if you see him, be very, very careful.”

Watts is bound by a long-term supervision order, meaning that for the next 10 years he must live under strict conditions – including not buying or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs, not having access to the internet and not being in the presence of girls under the age of 18.