The case of a Kitchener man who stabbed his cousin in Cambridge made its way to court Thursday, as Cody Jones-Read pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.

Jones-Read, 21, had been charged with attempted murder in connection with the Jan. 21 stabbing inside a Langs Drive apartment building.

Christopher Brown, Jones-Read’s cousin, lived at that building.

Court documents show that the two had been chatting about their lives and doing cocaine – they offer differing accounts on how much cocaine and who brought it out – when Jones-Read told Brown he had “a present” for him and asked him to close his eyes.

Brown closed his eyes, opened them briefly to see his cousin looking inside a knapsack he had brought with him, and closed his eyes again.

A moment later, Jones-Read started hitting him in the head with the butt of a knife.

A fight ensued. Brown told police that it lasted for 15 to 20 minutes. At one point, Jones-Read used the knife to stab Brown just below his right eye.

Eventually, Brown gained the upper hand and Jones-Read stopped fighting. He let go of the knife, stood up, apologized and left.

Bleeding heavily, Brown went to a neighbour’s apartment and got the neighbour to call 911. He received stitches to his face, arm and finger. He had bruising around his throat consistent with being choked.

Jones-Read was arrested a couple hours later, after walking up to a police cruiser. He was covered in blood himself, and had marks on his face, neck and hands.

His girlfriend later claimed to police that Jones-Read had told her he was upset with his cousin over a drug transaction, saying Brown had “ripped him off or set him up.”

Speaking to detectives, Jones-Read declined to give a reason for the attack, saying only that “it wasn’t a set plan.”

Asked why he stopped, he responded that “I saw in his eyes that he’s able to change.”

For his part, Brown denied that he had ever been involved in drug deals with Jones-Read.

Between the attack and when he approached police, Jones-Read sent Brown multiple text messages – including one in which he told his cousin to “smarten up.”

“No more sneaky profits please,” he said.

“I’m sorry,” he added 15 seconds later.

Currently free on bail, Jones-Read will be sentenced Aug. 21.

With reporting by Nicole Lampa