Udo Haan, the man charged with first degree murder in the death if his wife Edra Haan, appeared in court in person Thursday for the first time.

Udo Haan has also been charged with arson after his home on Sprucedale Crescent exploded back in August.

He appeared very briefly in a Kitchener courtroom in a wheelchair.

Last week he appeared via video from a jail in Milton.

The house explosion levelled not only the Haan home on Sprucedale Crescent but it also damaged the two adjacent homes so significantly that they had to be demolished.

Edra Haan’s brother has attended the brief court appearances.

I kind of wanted him to look me in the eye and know this isn't going to be an easy walk for him,” said Al Pinheiro.

“At the end of the day everyone in the family wants to see justice, so I wanted to see him and look him in the eye, get him to realize ‘hey you're going to have to look at somebody who is related to my sister every court you come to’,”

Haan was detained into custody and told to return to court on December 12.

With reporting from CTV Kitchener's Krista Simpson