A man has been charged for driving under the influence after impersonating his own father to call the police on himself.

On Oct. 31, the West Grey Police Service received a call from a male impersonating his father, saying that ‘his son’ was being followed.

He allegedly placed several more calls, giving police more information with every call.

“Police located a phone number attached to the name the caller had given and when spoken with, that person advised police that he had been sleeping and had no idea of his son’s whereabouts,” a press release said.

The male called again and said that he was driving to the Durham hospital to visit ‘his son.’

A vehicle was seen driving in the area, and the driver was seen using both signals and stopping in the middle of the roadway. Police saw the male driver flailing his arms in panic.

Exhibiting signs of drug impairment, he was arrested and taken to hospital to ensure his health.

A small quantity of powder, which police believed was Percocet, was found in the vehicle.

An evaluation was conducted and police say they determined the 23-year-old male was deemed impaired and charged with drug-impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

He was also charged with possession.

The accused was released on promise to appear, and was due in court on Nov. 21.

Police did not identify the male.