A man was arrested after being found in the ceiling of a business.

Guelph police were called to a business on Cardigan Street on Tuesday for reports of a suspicious male.

Staff told police that they could hear someone walking around in the duct space above the ceiling.

Officers were able to find him when his foot went through a ceiling tile. He refused to come down.

When responding officers looked into the ceiling, they say the man fell through the ceiling and into the lunchroom.

After a brief struggle, he was arrested.

About an hour earlier, a suspicious male had been reported on Metcalf Street in connection to a stolen vehicle. The male in the ceiling was found with the keys to the stolen car.

Estimated damage to the business was over $5,000.

According to a news release the male, 26, was taken to hospital for medical reasons.

Police are seeking a warrant for arson, mischief over $5,000, operation while impaired by drug, possession of stolen property and resisting arrest.