A Guelph restaurant is helping diners give back one meal at a time.

Breezy Corners has a program that allows patrons to purchase breakfast gift cards for those in need.

Clay Fry has been making use of the program for about six months.

“It gives us some roots, it gives us a home cooked meal, fresh, that kind of thing. It gets us out of the cold,” he said.

He said he sweeps outside the restaurant whenever he has breakfast there.

He has since gone on to be hired by the restaurant for two days each week.

For $5.95, customers at Breezy Corners can buy a meal for others in their community.

The restaurant then passes the cards on to agencies who distribute them among the homeless.

“We’re surrounded downtown by people who we see on the streets that are cold or picking up garbage from the ground, sometimes eating things from the garbage or leftovers, and it was sad for us to see,” said owner Katrina Marshall.

When they’re redeemed, the restaurant pays the tax and provides a tea or coffee.

About 30 cards are purchased each week.