KITCHENER -- Police say that the ‘majority, if not all,’ of the cattle considered missing after a barn fire in Wellesley on Monday have been rounded up.

Wellesley fire crews were called to the property on Lobsinger Line between Charles Street and Moser Young Road at around 8 p.m.

"A huge, massive fire," homeowner Lisa Lorentz said. "It's a big, beautiful old barn and it goes fast when you have an old building, old wood and a lot of hay and straw."

Lorentz and her family have lived on the farm since 2004. She said she watched the barn burn to the ground.

"Obviously it's sad that we lost part of our day-to-day," she said.

When crews arrived the barn was already engulfed in flames. Officials said that the barn is considered a write-off.

“It’s unfortunate for the family,” said St. Clements district Chief Brad Dietrich. “Hope they can recover their losses, rebuild and move on.”

Following the fire, dozens of cattle were considered missing and thought to have been roaming free. They ran down the road, into neighbouring fields and even into town.

"It's hard to stop a big group of cattle like that, especially when they're in panic mode, they don't know what's going on," neighbour Dallas Penner said. "They're just storming through and they stormed through the neighbour's yard."

Penner said he and several other neighbours were able to round up the cattle to keep them safe.

"We definitely wanted to help out in any way we could," he said.

"We're just very thankful for the kindness and thoughtfulness of everybody helping us through this time," Lorentz said.

In an email to CTV News on Tuesday morning, police confirm that they believe the majority of the 210 cattle have been accounted for.

The cause is believed to be related to a skid steer that has had mechanical issues in the past. Officials estimate the damage is around $500,000.