There is an abundance of parking near the intersection of King and Victoria streets in Kitchener but that could soon change.

The gravel parking lots dotting the intersection will soon be replaced by a multi-modal transit hub and a 17-storey condo.

Kitchener city councillor Berry Vrbanovic says, “What we're trying to do is change the make-up of how people travel in the Region.”

On Monday, councillors will debate a zoning change for a section of Victoria Street south from King street West to Duke street.

Vrbanovic is the chair of the planning committee; he says most current spaces will likely be under ground. 

“The report suggests that as much underground parking be built as part of the early phases of any construction that happens here.”  

The city will still have to decide if parking along Victoria Street West will be an option.

The area is currently zoned for one car per residential unit.  If the motion to amend the city’s zoning bylaw passes, it will decrease to .7 cars per residential unit.

The cut to parking comes as a shock to some drivers who see the lots constantly full.

Jeff Jones says “It’s been filling up these last few weeks, months even.  I didn't notice it every day until recently.”

Tim Mollison is an active transportation advocate, who says less parking spaces will be a good thing for downtown Kitchener.

“The cities of Waterloo region need to get out of the business of providing parking and we're pleased to see the city of Kitchener is moving in that direction.”

Parking however is a money-maker for the city and a draw for motorists. Many now wonder what the future holds for King and Victoria.

“I don't know how it's going to affect people that drive in rush hour, nine to five.” says Jones