The road to recovery continues for Lydia Herrle. Three months ago, the 13-year-old was struck by a truck while stepping off her school bus.

It’s been a little over a month of rehabilitation for the bubbly teen who has made some big improvements and is now coming home on weekends.

“Great is an understatement. It’s wonderful to have her home,” says Michelle Herrle, Lydia’s mom. “The going back and forth to Toronto has been necessary but very tiring.”

Lydia still cannot speak. The house has been retrofitted for her wheelchair. Despite the changes, Michelle is happy to have all her kids under one roof again.

“Having her home on the weekends means the divided life is done for a while and we can just all be together, just doing normal family stuff.”

Over the past three months, community support has been overwhelming.  In July, the Laurelwood Dairy Queen held a “Lydia Day” fundraiser to help cover the costs of Lydia’s rehabilitation. 

The Herrle family knows there’s still a lot of work to do in Lydia’s recovery but are more determined than ever now that they’re together.

“It’s a blessing to our hearts to have everyone together,” Michelle says. “At night time to be able to check on Lydia, check on the boys and then crawl into bed with James is a beautiful thing.”

Lydia’s had a few visitors over the weekend.  Saturday, her soccer team, the Wilmot Avatars, dropped by to give Lydia a silver medal for their second place finish in a recent tournament.