KITCHENER – Thousands across Waterloo Region will pause to reflect this coming Remembrance Day.

It's a time for silence, but at one ceremony's location, background noise is a concern.

That's why transit officials are opting to stop service in the area around the Kitchener cenotaph at the intersection of Duke and Frederick during the ceremony.

"We were just aware of the importance of the ceremony and looked at ways to allow the ceremony to go on in a peaceful and solemn way," says director of transit services Peter Zinck.

On a normal day, LRT trains go past the site every 10 minutes, ringing their bells as they pass.

"It would ruin the atmosphere, and then what happens to the moment of silence when you hear the train going by?" wonders nearby resident Larissa Kempster.

LRT service will halt at 10 a.m., with bus service deployed between the Mill Street station and the Grand River Hospital station.

CTV Kitchener will be livestreaming Kitchener's ceremony on our website.

Buses will also be detoured away from the cenotaph to help reduce traffic and disruption.

Officials say all transit will resume on regular scheduling by 1 p.m.

Over the years, other cities have moved their cenotaphs as infrastructure has changed, but the plan in Kitchener is to keep it at its current location.