Drug-related issues and noise complaints were the main reasons police were contacted about last month’s Ever After Music Festival.

The electronic dance music festival, which brought 38,000 people to the Bingemans grounds in Kitchener over a three-day period, resulted in 342 incidents about which police were notified.

Those 342 incidents included 129 drug-related calls, as well as 100 noise complaints which originated outside the property.

Only two people were charged for drug-related offences. Waterloo Regional Police say they focused on people who seemed to have more illegal drugs than they would need for personal use, as opposed to charging everybody they found in possession of drugs.

Four people were charged with criminal offences at the festival. Seven charges were laid under the Liquor Licence Act for public intoxication.

There were 35 paid-duty police officers at the festival on two of its three days, as well as 140 private security guards each day.