An Ingersoll couple who lost an envelope containing a large quantity of cash in early March say they are shocked and happy to have the money back.

Jolene Rijnen and Ty Thibideau will be getting married soon, and they were carrying an envelope with over $700 in cash for wedding expenses, when it was lost while they were out walking.

The couple didn't report the money missing because they believed if it was found, it probably wouldn't be turned in.

Rijnen says "I was shocked when Ty told me. He picked me up after work and told me the story and I couldn't believe it, so I was really happy."

It was lucky for the couple that the envelope was found by 54-year-old Doug Hutcheson, who was walking with his wife and his dog on North Town Line the morning of March 6.

Hutcheson says "Well, it just so happens our dog yelped and I looked down to see what was the matter with the dog and just saw the envelope in the snow, picked it up and took it to the police station."

He says he didn't really think about it too much, and just took the envelope to police since he thought somebody might be looking for it.

It was a pleasant surprise for Oxford County OPP.

OPP Const. Dennis Harwood says "It's very heartening to see this type of action and realize that we still have a lot of good people out there that are willing to do the right thing at the right time."

The couple finally stepped forward to claim the money after seeing stories about the envelope being found on a number of media outlets. They were able to identify the amount of money, the envelope used and writing on the envelope to claim it.

And the story gets even more surprising from there. It turns out Hutcheson's son grew up with the groom-to-be, and they are still good friends.

Thibideau says "Oh, I was pretty thankful. We just thought it was a weird coincidence that it was him that found the money and it was us that lost the money. It was a good turnout all around."

Rijnen adds that she's "Happy to know there's good people out there."