A London sergeant is facing three charges under the Police Services Act after being accused of covering up for another officer who was arrested during a prostitution sting.

Sergeant Michael Hay was the supervisor in charges of the Human Trafficking Unit at the time of the alleged incident in April 2018.

Documents detailing the charges sat Sgt. Hay was conducting a sting at the time, targeting people who were purchasing sexual services of women.

A police officer from another service that remains unspecified was arrested during the sting.

The charges say the Sgt. Hay had the other officer unconditionally released, showing preferential treatment because he was a police officer. The charges also say that Sgt. Hay did not properly investigate and tried to hide how the situation was handled.

The documents say the sergeant did not follow established London Police procedures in the incident.

The charges are misconduct by discreditable conduct, misconduct by neglect of duty, and misconduct of insubordination.

London Police say the sergeant remains on active duty and is currently assigned to a patrol section with the uniformed division.

The charges fall under the Police Service Act, not the Criminal Code, and nothing has been proven at this point.