KITCHENER -- New details emerged Monday about the man arrested for a stabbing in St. Marys.

London business owner Derek Boyd was charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of a woman last Wednesday.

The woman was stabbed multiple times in front of Little Falls Elementary School, before making her way inside the school for help.

Those that know him, say 35-year-old Boyd, was a well-known figure in the London Fitness community.

“He was just such a really nice guy to me. He would give me a couple discounts on the protein shakes,” said Jacob Kubicki, who works at the pizza place next door to Boyd’s business.

A sign on the door of the nutrition store Boyd owned says it’s now closed.

“Still unbelievable. Everybody at the store messaged each other right away,” said Jacob Bose who also works at the pizza place next door to Boyd’s business. “We were like, ‘Do you think it's him?' We didn't believe it honestly.”

Boyd is also a registered sex offender, stemming from a conviction for sexual assault with a weapon in a 2006 incident.

Police say the stabbing victim is now recovering. Her identity is protected by a publication ban.

Police confirming her and Boyd are known to one another.

Boyd is due back in court next Wednesday.