GUELPH -- There was only one event in the Royal City on Sunday that let residents swap till they dropped.

Attendees were able to upcycle their second hand outfits at a clothing swap hosted by the Guelph Tool Library.

“It’s a lot more affordable, a lot more accessible, and a lot more environmentally friendly,” said Thirza Armstrong, coordinator of the Guelph Tool Library.

The event featured the trading of jackets, dresses, and even children’s clothing.

“I wish they would do more for kids’ clothing swaps,” said one resident in attendance. “Kids grow so fast and you always need new sizes, so it’s a really good way to upcycle.”

The initiative was started in hopes of raising awareness about poor working conditions in clothing factories as well as the environmental damage of clothing production.

“We have one Earth so I want to keep it healthy and support the reuse of items,” said an attendee.

Armstrong says that popular thrift stores might not be as beneficial to the community as someone might think.

“There are tons of clothes that go to Value Village and those big corporations that act as charities,” she said. “It takes out the middle man because there’s a company profiting off you clothing and you have to pay them to take it back.”

The funds raised in the swap go to support programming for the Guelph Tool Library.

“It goes back 100 per cent,” said Armstrong. “You’re basically giving back to your neighbours directly.”

All remaining items from the event are donated to local non-profits.