KITCHENER -- Two local organizations are working to help raise funds for support efforts in Beirut.

Nearly 200 people were killed and 6,500 others were injured in an explosion in August.

Abir Zahal and Zeina Naous said their family and friends are dealing with devastation in Beirut.

"Imagine having that life and then suddenly the next day you have nothing," Naous said.

The explosion in Lebanon's capital left hundreds of thousands without homes.

Naous said her loved ones are among those impacted.

"They tell me that they can't believe it," Naous said.

"All of them depressed, upset," Zahal said. "I don't know how to explain how they feel."

The Mennonite Central Committee and the Canadian International Development Organization have teamed up to help the people of Lebanon.

"Reach out to people, to let people know, hey do not forget, let us think of the less fortunate people that are in Beirut," said Shawky Fahel with the Canadian International Development Organization.

The groups hope to raise $1 million to support people in need.

"CIDO is going to partner with us to help us raise the funds to make a bigger impact in our food distribution, as well as we're doing housing rehabilitation and trauma support," said Kim Lester with the Mennonite Central Committee.

Officials said the needs to beyond the basics of food, water and shelter.

"Helping them to be able to process what they've experienced and the losses and the trauma of the explosion and the impact," Lester said.

Naous said that's something that's been difficult for her loved ones.

"They definitely have the physical damage, which hit everyone -- the house, the injuries, the people," she said. "But, I think the emotional and psychological damage that happened is far more."

She added any support will go a long way for those dealing with the aftermath of the explosion.