The body of a Mississauga man has been found approximately six kilometers east of the main beach of Long Point Provincial Park.

Police say 43-year-old Walter Santos was swimming when he disappeared under the water.

His two children aged 12 and 15 had been swimming with him and had just left the water when witnesses say they saw that the man was in distress.

People on the beach joined firefighters to form a human chain but police say the strong current forced them to stop rescue efforts.

Hours earlier, it was a desperate scene on the shore of Lake Ontario where two young brothers were pulled from the water Sunday morning.

Neither the17or 22-year-old men had a pulse when they were found.  Paramedics tried incredibly hard to save them, but they both died in hospital.  It’s believed the men had been camping near the Scarborough beach and went for a swim.

Windy conditions made for a tough rescue.

It’s still unclear how long the men were in the water or what caused their distress.

Police are not releasing their identities at the families’ request.