KITCHENER -- A local group is hoping to push the idea of affordability when a committee of Kitchener city councillors meet on Monday to revisit zoning bylaws.

The group called Yes In My Backyard wants to see more inclusiveness when it comes to affordable housing units by allowing them in more neighbourhoods.

"If something is actually good for the broader community, like lower income housing in particular is, then it should be allowed in any neighbourhood," says Yes In My Backyard co-founder Martin Asling.

Last month the City of Kitchener made a number of decisions about affordable housing. They voted to allow up to three tiny houses to be built on a single property. The region also approved a 10-year affordable housing master plan in October to build over 600 new affordable homes.

Yes In My Backyard also says they want the city to create more lodging houses in all neighbourhoods, which can accommodate four or more people with private rooms and shared communal spaces.

They'd also like the city to revisit its separation distance bylaw.

"If you can't have a lodging house too close to another lodging house, then that means that potential lodging house will not exist, and it's hard to find enough spots to make enough lodging houses," Asling says.

The group will be at the meeting and hopes to get its suggestions on the agenda in the near future.