KITCHENER -- A KCI student, Olivia Sargla is signing a golf and academic scholarship with Tennessee Wesleyan University, a school south of the border.

Olivia says at first she wasn’t sure whether to do a fifth year of high school or not, but once she met with officials from Tennessee Wesleyan she knew it was where she wanted to go.

"I am so glad to have had this opportunity to sign with the school that I love and I am excited to join that school for academics and athletics," says Olivia.

The university in Athens, Tennessee seems to be a good fit for the Grade 12. Along with a business program Olivia likes, she is looking forward to representing the school on the links.

"The girls are amazing there and so is the coach. I am so excited to play competitive golf with them," says Olivia.

Nick Biffis, her former golf coach at KCI, doesn’t think she will have much trouble competing in the U.S.

"For her to be able to do the things she’s done in golf as well as continue to do the things she does in school and the other aspects of her life is a real testament to her personality and what she is capable of," says Biffis.

Olivia’s proud parents say she has worked very hard to achieve this goal.

"She spent night and day at the club, at the course, in the backyard, working with friends, working with family members, and trying to hold studies together as well. It has been very challenging," says her father, Malcolm Sargla.

According to Malcolm, Olivia’s drive began six years ago when she went to an LPGA event meeting professional golfers Michelle Wie and Brooke Henderson.

"I didn’t think golf was a sport for girls, especially young girls. I thought it was for my dad and grandpa to play," says Olivia. Once she saw a few holes played and had some golf balls signed, she fell in love with the sport.

She will have to wait until next September before she can begin a new chapter in her young golf career.

"I’ll still be 17 so I am a little nervous for that but I am super excited to get right in there and start playing for them."