For the past seven years, Brenda Clements has counted Clark and Linda Sauve among her friendliest neighbours.

“They would go out of their way to help anybody,” Clements says.

That generosity extended to buying treats for neighbourhood pets and even shovelling driveawys – not just for Clements, but for virtually everybody on Rouse Avenue.

Early Monday morning, Linda Sauve was found dead in their home.

Clark Sauve, 60, was arrested by police at the scene.

Later in the day, he was charged with the second-degree murder of his 63-year-old wife.

To neighbours like Clements, the news was devastating.

“I’m completely shocked,” she said.

“I still can’t believe that Clark could be capable of doing anything like that, especially to Linda.”

Clark Sauve’s lawyer, Craig Parry, says his client is dealing with health issues requiring, among other things, an oxygen tank.

“He is wheelchair-bound and has a medical condition which makes coming to and from court difficult, but the province is making the necessary arrangements to enable that to happen,” Parry said.

Clark Sauve remains in custody. He returns to court next Monday.