GUELPH -- A COVID-19 restriction for Guelph transit is going to be removed.

Starting Monday, the 10-person limit for buses in the royal city will be lifted.

Transit officials say the decision was made to account for the warming weather, businesses reopening, and need for transportation increasing.

“We’re noticing the ridership, which was decreased for a period of time, is growing,” said Robin Gerus, general manager of transit operations for Guelph transit. “We’re answering to the need to allow people to get where they need to go.

“We don’t anticipate that there will be a need to worry about too many people on the buses right now.”

The 10-person limit has been in place since March, and some commuters are worried about the restriction being removed.

“To allow more than 10, the physical distancing is not effective,” said commuter Doug Burger.

Gerus says physical distancing will be harder to maintain without the limit, but that they’re recommending riders wear masks.

She adds that safety enforcements, like plastic barriers separating the driver from the passengers, will remain on buses.

Enhanced cleaning, measures, and stickers blocking of some seats will be put in place as well.

“There will be lots of space for customers to stand two metres apart,” Gerus said. “We’ve installed a disinfectant for our customers to use as they come on or as they go so they can keep their hands clean.”

He adds that Guelph Transit will monitor ridership levels and adjust the limit if necessary.

“If I see more than 10 people, I lose my social distancing, and one of those people is not wearing a mask, I’ll get off I guess,” said Burger.

Gerus encourages anyone with questions or concerns to reach out to Guelph Transit.