Alas, the wait has ended for fans of the Pirate Festival.

Guelph’s Marden Park saw its second installment on Sunday.

It began 12 years ago at Fort York, before moving to Milton’s Country Heritage Park.

Last year, it moved to Marden Park, where it returned for the 2018 season.

2,000 people attended in 2017, and even more were expected this year.

Attendees could see blacksmithing, leather-working and boat building demonstrations.

Also on display was pirate sword fighting and a mud pit performance.

The draw for many of those involved lies in taking a break from everyday life.

“People want balance, they want balance, and if it’s all about work and it’s all about paying the bills, that gets a bit too much,” said Capt’n Tor, an entertainer and pirate enthusiast.

Drinks and food were also on sight, as well as games and activities designed for the whole family.