WATERLOO -- The Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth Humane Society is searching for a home for five orphaned ducklings found in Victoria Park.

A member of the public contacted the humane society about eight stray ducklings found in the park without a mother.

"They were abandoned, their mother was not nearby," said Anya Barradas, the humane society's marketing and communications manager.

Staff brought the ducklings to the humane society to be cared for. Unfortunately, three of them died, Barradas said.

"They were too small and they were not able to survive without the protection of their mother," she explained.

The humane society says the five remaining ducklings are healthy and eating on their own, but need to be kept warm under a heat lamp until they develop their feathers.

"They're snuggling together and they're doing really well," Barradas said.

Officials are now looking for individuals with experience raising ducklings who have proper outdoor space to adopt the baby birds.

"We're looking for someone to adopt these ducklings and to give them a loving home on a farm," Barradas said.

Backyard ducks are not allowed in the city.

There's no cost to adopt the ducklings, but the humane society is accepting donations.

The ducklings are not listed on the Kitchener Waterloo and Stratford Perth Humane Society's website, but anyone interested in adopting the ducklings can contact the humane society directly.