An Elmira man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter Monday will remain out of jail until his sentencing.

Quin Kurtz, 22, has been free on bail since late 2013.

He was charged with manslaughter in connection with the death of Austin Padaric, a 17-year-old Wellesley boy.

The charges stemmed from the night of April 5, 2013 – when Kurtz, Padaric and five other people gathered in Kurtz’s apartment.

Court documents show that there was ongoing drug use through the night.

One person in the apartment saw most of those in attendance, including Kurtz and Padaric, snorting crushed pills.

At least two of those pills were morphine tablets which Kurtz had given him, having acquired them a few days earlier.

By 3 a.m., the documents show, Padaric was asleep and making “strange breathing noises.” Attempts to wake him up were unsuccessful.

Three hours later, they found him “hot to the touch” and put him in a bathtub of cold water – then warmed the water as Padaric became cold, and then took him out of the tub.

When it was suggested that 911 be called, Kurtz yelled that “no one is calling 911.”

Late in the morning, Kurtz again checked on Padaric.

Finding that his breathing had improved but still didn’t seem normal, Kurtz and another friend left for the Elmira Maple Syrup festival.

“It’s a decision he very much regrets,” defence lawyer Bruce Ritter said outside court.

Another person who remained behind felt that Padaric’s condition was getting worse, couldn’t find a pulse on him, and called 911.

Padaric was taken to Grand River Hospital, and then to a facility in Hamilton.

He never came off life support, and died a week later.

Kurtz – who also pleaded guilty to drug-related offences in connection with the morphine and a marijuana grow-op police found in his apartment – will be sentenced next January.

Lawyers for both sides agreed that he could remain out of custody until that time.