For the organizers of the Kultrun World Music Festival, the event is about more than just music.

Founder Isabel Cistern says it’s about offering people a chance to discover and learn about a different culture.

“Those interactions happen only at festivals that celebrate diversity and multiculturalism,” she said. “It’s more important and more relevant than ever to have instances like these.”

Cistern is also the artistic director of the event taking place at Victoria Park in Kitchener Saturday and Sunday.

The festival features artists from France, Cuba, West Africa, Czech Republic, and other parts of the world.

“It’s just one world that we live in,” said Czech musician Jindrich Pavlis. “We have to learn how to stand each other.

“The music we are is just one. It doesn’t matter if you are from here or if you are from there.”

Indigenous singer and hand drummer Cara Loft says making new connections is what the festival is all about.

“The drums represent the heartbeat, that first sound you can hear when you’re in the room,” she said. “I think it represents something integral people can connect with.

“We really can’t grow unless we step out of ourselves and be open to new experiences.”

Kultrun also features a performance for the hearing impaired at the Walper Hotel called “Feel the Music”.