KITCHENER -- A 51-year-old Kitchener woman has been granted day parole after serving two years of an eight-and-a-half year prison sentence for sexually abusing a 7-year-old Hamilton girl with two other men.

Sonya Lucas is being released on Wednesday.

The victim’s aunt, who CTV can’t name in order to protect the child’s identity, says this has been a very difficult time for her family.

“I can’t believe the justice system is failing victims like this. Where’s the justice for my niece? What was done to her was severe and to only serve a little over two years on her sentence. It’s been a fight every step of the way.”

The victim’s aunt was also frustrated she wasn’t given the opportunity to attend Lucas’ parole hearing.

She says two days before the hearing she was notified the board had cancelled all observer attendance in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lucas’ case review officer was allowed to attend through conference call according to the victim’s aunt. She was not given the same option she says.

She has since filed a complaint to the board with the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime.

Lucas will live in a halfway house in the area of Dundas Ontario. She is required to return there on a nightly basis.

The parole board will review Lucas’ case in six-months to determine whether to continue the release or not.