KITCHENER -- As many people plan for a winter under COVID-19 restrictions, Kitchener and Waterloo are calling for volunteers to help get outdoor ice rinks ready.

The outdoor rinks are volunteer-dependent, meaning that they can't exist without community members willing to support them.

Kitchener alone has nearly three dozen outdoor rinks that require volunteer commitment, while Waterloo has about 20. Cambridge also has outdoor rinks, but the city's website doesn't list them and is not yet calling for volunteers.

According to the City of Waterloo's website, the commitment to volunteer for maintaining the ice rinks is about two hours a week. Over on Kitchener's website, the city said that more than 350 people volunteer to get all of its rinks up and running.

To help out or start a new rink in Waterloo, you can email the city at, or call 519-747-8772.

In Kitchener, you can call 519-741-2200 ext. 7389.