KITCHENER -- A student at Eastwood Collegiate Institute is the only Canadian to be represented in a contest to make prom attire out of duct tape.

The Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest challenged students around North America to create their best prom outfit out of duct tape.

Lena Hart, who was one of about 400 applicants in Canada and the U.S., spent 146 hours and 12 rolls of tape to create her dress.

"I started by going through past sketchbooks that I had, and I had two prom dresses that I designed," said Hart. "They were my dream prom dresses. So I took those two designs and combined them into one."

The winner in both dress and tux categories will win $10,000, while the runners up will get $500 and $100-worth of products from the company.

Hart's dress includes dozens of gold tape roses and petals. A video on the company's website shows how she created sheets with the tape to resemble real fabric, and then cut them to shape and taped together the final product.

"I took giant pieces of paper, cut them out and put them on my body to see if they would fit and adjusted them from there, " said Hart. "Then I made sheets of duct tape to emulate fabric, cut out those pieces of fabric from the duct tape, and taped them all together. So it's 100 per cent duct tape."

Hart is up against four other finalists, whose fates will be decided by voting. At the time of this writing, she was in third place with nearly 7,400 votes.

Voting closes on July 10.