KITCHENER – Daylight saving time ended on Sunday at 2 a.m. and some Kitchener residents say they're having some difficulty adjusting.

A number of residents say they'd rather not have the time change twice each year.

"I came downtown and nothing was open," one resident told CTV News. "I looked at my cellphone and then my other clocks and they were off," another resident said.

Canadians switch back their clocks to standard time every November.

Saskatchewan is the only province that does not participate in changing the clocks.

"My wife changed our clocks because she's an absolute daylight saving freak. She wants us to follow Saskatchewan," another person said.

The B.C. government introduced a bill looking to do the same.

 The province's premier, John Horgan, said after consultation it was clear that most people prefer daylight saving time because it gives them more light during their work day.

Many experts oppose the time change, saying it has the potential to cause a number of problems in the body. But for now, Ontario still participates in the semi-annual change.