KITCHENER -- A Kitchener woman who fell asleep with opioids in her pocket and woke up to find her daughter limp has been sentenced to four years in prison.

Nicole Eidt's 20-month-old daughter died from an "astronomical" amount of the deadly drug carfentanil in her system in February of this year.

The mother was sentenced on Wednesday morning after pleading guilty last week.

According to an agreed statement of facts read out in court last week, Eidt was heard admitting guilt when police responded to the overdose.

"Oh my god, I killed my baby. I should have known better. She can open zippers," she said, according to the agreed statement of facts

During a police interview, Eidt admitted to using drugs the morning of her daughter’s death,according to the agreed statement of facts. The mother had smoked in the bathroom and placed a baggie in her sweater vest with a zippered pocket.

The court documents went on to state a timeline of what happened after Eidt consumed drugs that morning and how the 28-year-old awoke to find her daughter limp.

The Crown says the carfentanil amount found in Amelia was way higher than a fatal dose.

A toxicology report was completed on March 12. The report found 8.4 ng/mgl in Amelia's body.

The average postmortem blood concentrations that prove to be fatal range from 0.0233 to 0.5ng/ml.