KITCHENER -- A man from Kitchener says he was turned away from his dental office after recovering from COVID-19.

Greg Ross reportedly tested positive for the virus two months ago and was cleared by public health.

He was told he wasn’t contagious anymore, but asked for a second test to make sure.

“I said ‘how do you know?’ They said you’re better now, so you know,” Ross said.“They said it’s not necessary because I’m not a frontline worker.”

Ross says there was a screening over the phone when he booked a dental appointment for this week. He claims no on asked him then about having COVID-19, but that there was a second screening and questionaire at the office the next day.

“One of the questions was ‘have you had COVID-19?’, and I wasn’t going to lie so I put yes,” said Ross. “The assistant had a problem with it, which I understand.

“He said he was going to have to get another assistant and my appointment was cancelled.”

In a statement to CTV News, the head of The College of Dental Hygienists says it’s standard practice for a dental hygienist to not treat a client with a medical condition or suspected medical condition that would put anyone at risk.

“This is especially true during COVID-19 and especially when the level of PPE required to treat is unavailable,” the statement reads.

Ross says he went to get tested again in an attempt to get proof that he’s negative.

Public Health officials recommends against getting another test after recovering from COVID-19 and says it’s not needed.

This guidance comes from provincial experts who also state that those who have recovered from COVID-19 can go about their daily activities and are no longer contagious.

Other guidelines set by the province state that dentists can defer in person care for patients who have screened or tested positive for COVID-19 wherever possible.

These guidelines also state dentists can talk to patient’s doctors or local public health for guidance.

Ross says he is currently waiting for a dental assistant willing to work on his fillings.

“It’s frustrating,” he said. “It’s very frustrating.”