KITCHENER -- A Kitchener man sought to put his name in the record books on Saturday, aiming to do the most chest-to-ground burpees in an hour.

Nick Anapolsky aimed to do 15 burpees per minute—or one every four seconds—for an entire hour to beat the world record of 870.

"For this record, chest touches the ground and the arms go straight out to the side," he explained.

"Then when you jump up, you need to clear—I've marked out two lines on the ground as half your body height—your feet have to jump that distance on every jump that you do."

His approach to the challenge was a sprint-stop rather than a full sprint through the hour, he said, allowing him a few seconds at the end of each minute to rest.

Bronwyn Stevens was there to support Anapolsky and help him stay on track to achieve 15 reps per minute.

"We've been practicing this for a few weeks now," she said.

"I think just mentally having someone else doing it along with you is super helpful."

By the end of his hour, Anapolsky was able to achieve 879 chest-to-ground burpees, breaking the world record by nine reps.

He said that the last few minutes "hurt really bad," but noted it was worth it to have his name in the history books.

"I think it's pretty cool to say I have done the most in the entire world, ever," he said.

"Whether it gets broken tomorrow or not, to have that for one day is pretty cool."