KITCHENER -- A long-term care home in Kitchener have taken part in a pilot project that rapidly tests for COVID-19 and returns results in 15 minutes.

A representative from AR Goudie LTC adds that nearly 80 per cent of staff were tested in the past week, which totals out to around 50 people.

The results are compared with standard PCR testing, which usually takes a few days, and are then both sent to the Ontario Ministry of Health.

PeopleCare, the managing group that oversees AR Goudie, said in a news release that 100 per cent of both results matched.

“Testing and access to timely results has been one of the biggest challenges as long-term care and retirement homes fight COVID, impacting our ability to prevent and minimize spread in an outbreak,” said Jenn Killing, a PeopleCare official, in the release. “We are excited to have this opportunity to be part of an innovative testing solution that might one day be available to all Ontarians.”

AR Goudie adds that they are also getting ready to have their residents vaccinated this week at mobile clinics.