The first-ever Kitchener Krampus Village Market opened Friday night. It's a Christmas market of a different kind, located near the city’s well-known Christkindl Market.

"Well for the arts community and for the local geek community, it really joins together a lot of those people,” said Kate Cox, co-owner of The Adventurers Guild Café.

Vendors offer everything from artisanal teas and original artworks to combat-ready wooden weapons and musical instruments made from recycled cigar boxes.

“It's a place for the creative people, the people who have really nerdy special interests to celebrate and express their creativity," said Cox.

The Krampus Market is hosted by the café and is located just down the block from the Christkindl Market.

Vendors are not charge to sell their wares – it is first come first serve.

The market was also being held Saturday.