A man responsible for the deaths of four people is being released from prison.

Kevin Koehler, 57 of Kitchener, will be released on statutory release after serving two-thirds of his 12-year sentence.

Koehler was convicted of manslaughter in 2015 for the 2013 killing of his roommate, Mary Anne May.

The two were living together in an apartment on Margaret Avenue, but were not romantically involved. Court document show May lived there only out of financial need.

On Sept. 18, 2013, according to a police investigator’s report, May came home to find Koehler and his girlfriend drinking and playing loud music.

She locked herself in her room, and called and texted the landlord repeatedly.

Police believe it was shortly after this that Koehler killed May – then wrapped her body in blankets, loaded her into a child’s bike trailer and attempted to dispose of the remains.

In 1985 Koehler was behind the wheel during a high speed chase near Walkerton that resulted in a fiery crash.

The crash killed two teen girls, Christine Lindsay and Helen Wattam, who were passengers in Koehler’s vehicle. An OPP officer, Const. Donald Campbell was also killed.

Koehler spent nearly three years in prison for his role in the crash.

According to a Parole Board of Canada report, Koehler has 38 criminal convictions on his record, including five counts of assault, six counts of assaulting a peace officer and assault with a weapon.

The report, addressed to Koehler, has other of troubling findings including:

  • “The Spousal Assault Risk Assessment (SARA) indicates that you pose a high risk for future violence in the context of spousal violence.”
  • “According to your Criminal Profile report, you have slapped, punched, choked and head-butted victims. On one occasion, you used a knife to stab a victim in the hand. You have also threatened to cause harm or death to victims. You have committed offences against intimate partners, peace officers, your daughter (a toddler), and others.”
  • “You have not presented a release plan that in anyway, is adequate to the protection of society. You want to return to your home community where you committed the index offence and where you know many people who are involved in substance misuse and criminal behaviour. You have no suitable accommodations and few financial resources.”

The report did not say where Koehler is being released.

His release comes with a number of conditions including:

  • Not to consume alcohol
  • Not to consume drugs
  • Respect a curfew from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.
  • Follow treatment plan / program to be arranged by parole supervisor
  • Immediately report all sexual and non sexual relationships and friendships with
  • females


A previous version of this story incorrectly stated Kevin Koehler had been granted a conditional release. In fact Koelher is being released on statutory release. CTV News regrets the error.