The results of the pot shop lottery are in, and it looks like Kitchener and Guelph might be getting stores.

First on the list of cannabis lottery winners is a proposed store at 589 Fairway Rd. S. in Kitchener.

The list, posted on the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario’s website, names Patricia, Gertrude, Donnelly as the applicant for the Kitchener location.

The last selection on the list is for 120 Wyndham St. N. in Guelph.

The applicant for that location is John Reynolds.

Those applicants are now able to apply for licenses to run cannabis stores—they aren’t yet guaranteed. In the province’s first cannabis lottery, at least one person was disqualified.
That was based on this rule, as written on the AGCO’s website:

“(Applicants) are not permitted to change their applicant type, ownership and/or corporate structure in such a way that would result in a change of control of the Expression of Interest Applicant or licensee during the Lottery Process.”

Another set of Kitchener and Guelph applicants also earned spots on the wait list.

A store at 73 King St. W. in Kitchener and 208 Victoria Rd. S. in Guelph are the waitlisted locations.

If the registrar determines that an applicant has not followed the requirements set out, they will be disqualified from the lottery.