KITCHENER -- A Kitchener grocery store has enlisted some help from local talent to transform its storefront, after being hit with vandalism earlier this summer.

Central Fresh Market has started the first phase of its public art project by introducing a mural with a positive message on the outside of the building.

The Firm Mural Collective, based in Kitchener, was selected to paint the first wall of the store.

All-heart Premium Painting was also selected to work on the project.  

The artists were chosen after the market posted to Twitter last month, looking for artist recommendations.

Paul McDonald, the founder of the Firm Mural Collective, says the message featuring the word ‘unity’ written in big letters on the side of the building, is all about positivity.

“It’s something bright and vibrant to cheer people up. With the hospital being there as well, people are going through chemo treatments and stuff like that, if they go for a walk maybe it’s nice to look at,” said McDonald.

Mural will continue to be added to the storefront into the fall, with some pieces being auctioned off to support a local charity.