KITCHENER -- A Kitchener funeral home is hoping to build a crematorium on site, holding a virtual meeting for the neighbourhood on Tuesday night.

The proposed crematorium would be built in a residential area, and that has some area residents concerned.

Henry Walser owns the funeral home. He held the virtual public meeting to teach others about what the crematorium would look like.

He says the five main concerns he's heard from residents are related to emissions or smell, noise, traffic, proximity to a residential area and property value.

"It would be a special permission that is required for the property," Garrett Stevenson with the City of Kitchener said earlier this month. "Crematoriums currently are only permitted in industrial areas of the city."

But Walser says successful cremation is about controlling both oxygen and fuel, and that traffic in the area won't be an issue.

Walser addressed other comments and concerns in the online presentation.

The application still needs to go before council before any next steps are taken.