KITCHENER -- The Waterloo Catholic District School board is looking to change the boundaries around a Kitchener elementary school to help alleviate some congestion.

The board held a public information session Monday night, giving parents the chance to review the plans.

The board says St. John Catholic Elementary School is the fastest growing school in the region, with its enrollment surpassing capacity.

The school is equipped to hold 502 students, but has projected the number of students to grow close to 900 by 2024.

St. John also has one of the smallest school sites in the Region, sitting on only 2.9 acres.

The school currently has six portables, which take up a large portion of the playground area.  

The board says they have asked the province for funding to add an extension to the school, but have not heard anything back.

In the meantime they are looking to change the school boundaries, meaning some students may have to change schools in September.

“The objective of this review is to remove the pressure at St. John from the overabundance of students that it has. The other schools that are involved are our Lady of Lourdes, Holy Rosary, and St. Nicolas. There are options here,“ said John Shewchuk of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board..

A decision on the proposal will be made in April.